So who the heck is the Niche Tyrant? Before I answer that let’s take a look at two definitions of a tyrant.

In classical politics, a tyrant is one who has taken power by his or her own means as opposed to hereditary or constitutional power. This mode of rule is referred to as tyranny.


Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as, “one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics — against his own people as well as others”.

That second definition is not me. Not by a long way. Niche Tyrant is a blog all about teaching you proven strategies for running an online business and dominating it for passive income but not in a bad way.


Who is the Niche Tyrant?
My name is Nihal and I am just a guy in my early 20s from Bangladesh owning several online businesses, working from wherever I want and have a really solid team to back me up with all my work. I have sold several websites for quite a large amount of money and I am also one of the top instructors in Udemy with over 18000+ students from 150 countries taking my courses.


What is this site about?
Niche Tyrant is all about helping you dominate your online business. I am going to be completely open with my strategies, tactics and tips and I will show you how to make money with your blogs and websites.


What’s the catch?
Why am I writing about all of this? Why am I sharing my knowledge? I am doing it in the hope that you will give back when you make some money. I don’t care how much you give or to whom you give it but if something at Niche Tyrant helps you in your life I want you to help someone else. That is what Niche Tyrant is about.

I believe that a true leader gains power by giving power to others.