Best Opportunity To Make Money in 2017? Get Excited for T2 (Teespring 2.0)!

Best Opportunity To Make Money in 2017? Get Excited for T2 (Teespring 2.0)!

Teespring just announced some MAJOR updates! These updates are so huge that they are calling it Teespring 2.0 in short T2. Let me break down the new updates and features that Teespring is introducing and tell you how this is probably the biggest money making opportunity you will get in 2017.

I have made my fair share of money with Teespring when the tee rush hit the online industry in 2015. But, eventually there was too much competition and the profits were dying down so I had to move on and so did most people who banking with Teespring. But with these new updates that Teespring made, it certainly makes it the best opportunity to make money in 2017.

T2 Breakdown

Massive price drop

If you have used Teespring before you must be aware that they have different rates for almost everything. Prices differed based on colors, designs and so on. But now they have set a flat rate on everything. For example, regular tees start at $9.72 and go as low as $4.92. For hoodies, pricing starts at $19.36 and go as low as $14.56. Here is the new pricing table –

pricing tee

The reason they have been able to do this is because last year they invested a large amount of money in a new facility for manufacturing their tees in Kentucky. This new pricing has taken place on January 7th. And the best part is pricing discounts apply everything in your store.

When you hit the thousand sales tier you even get a $900 bonus! I was completely blown away by this new pricing. And guess what this is nothing compared to the other updates that I will list below.

Email Marketing In Teespring

This is another huge update as now we will be able to run email marketing campaigns as Teespring will now give us our customers email addresses and all the other info as well. As if you are an email marketing savvy like me, I am sure you will be able to make very good use of this feature. Imagine being able to promote whatever we want to a list of people we know are interested in a particular niche. The possibilies are endless.

Cross Selling

Before Teespring used to promote other people’s products to our clients. When a customer was checking out, Teespring would recommend them someone else’s product. This is something I really hated as because the customer who is buying my tee required an investment on my part to acquire and someone else’s product gets free press. Now they will only cross-sell your products!

Branded Storefronts

This is one of the updates I am really excited about. Now you will be able to create your very own branded stores within Teespring! You can think of think of this as Shopify expect no monthly fees. What can be better than this? Well, theses a lot more. The store you build with Teespring will feature your branding throughout the whole store even the checkout page.

50+ New Products

Teespring isn’t gonna be just for tees anymore. They will be bringing new products every two weeks starting February 1st. Products will include snapbacks, yoga pants, photos, posters and a lot more. And if you are still wondering it’s going to be the same as tees. You will be able to design then however you want!

BIGGEST Update from Teespring

You probably thought that was it. But I saved the best for last. I am sure you heard of Merch by Amazon. The program by Amazon where you have to wait months to get into. Well, not anymore. Now everything you list on Teespring gets automatically listed on Amazon! Let me put it in a simpler term. With this feature, all you have to do is create your tees and you will get automatic sales every single month.

But there’s a bad news, they are only giving this feature to a selected few who have access to this link. As you are a reader of the Niche Tyrant blog here is the link for you –

Registration will close in a few days so make sure you sign up asap.

Final Words

If you want to bank hard in 2017 this probably the best opportunity you will get. These new updates are crazy. Also to help you guys who want to get started with this I will be doing case studies with Teespring which will be publish in this blog. So, all you have to do is copy me but make sure you sign up with the link above or you will miss out on the biggest feature Teespring has to offer. Stay tuned for my Teespring case studies and my 2017 course on Teespring which will be huge. And please do share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below!


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Best Opportunity To Make Money in 2017? Get Excited for T2 (Teespring 2.0)!

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