How To Find Super Profitable Seed Keywords

How to find super profitable seed keywords

As you probably know by now, that keyword research is the primary thing you have to focus on when you want to create any sort of website. But even before you start researching long tail keywords and jump into more in-depth keyword research you will need to determine your seed keywords.

What are seed keywords?

After you have selected your niche, you will need a set of broad primary keywords known as seed keywords. You will be using them to build your pillar content. These are very important as you will be using these to dig deep into the niche to find even more profitable keywords. For example, if your niche was fitness, weight loss, and gaining muscle could be your potential seed keywords.

Breaking Down Your Niche To Get Your Seed Keywords

First of all, head over to and this is an amazing site to brainstorm and find some potential seed keywords. One of the best ways you can find niches to enter is by creating a mind map. You will be surprised how powerful this strategy can be once you start to implement it. Okay, for the purposes of this guide we will be using health as our primary niche that we want to target. So, on the left side of the text2mindmap list out at least 3 things under the health niche. So let’s say our 3 sub niches are weight loss, gain muscle and gym. Then break them down even further. For weight loss we can have weight loss pills, weight loss programs, exercising, dieting then for gain muscle we can have protein powders, branch chained amino acids, bodybuilding program and lastly for gym we can have workout equipment, running shoes, workout routines, trainers.

You see we didn’t even start keyword researching yet and we already have a bunch of niches we can work with, and all these categories can be our seed keywords. What most people do is go really micro niche as in they will make a site around only workout equipment. This strategy is good but I highly recommend you go for a broader seed keyword. Like make a site around gym and target all the profitable keywords in workout equipment and then once you rank for those keywords go for the other seed keywords. This way you can make a lot more from your site than you would if you were to target only gym equipment.


How To Determine The Profitability Of a Niche?

Once you have a bunch of potential seed keywords, it’s time to determine which of these keywords are profitable. There are several ways you can do this. First, head over to and go to the category of your potential seed keyword. Then set a minimum price value of $100. This will ensure you get value for the time and effort you will put into your site. Anything less is not worth targeting. Also, check the four star and up as the minimum on the average customer reviews. This will give you the best selling products available on Amazon for your niche which will also give you a solid commission for every sale you make.

Next, go to Clickbank and go to the affiliate marketplace. Then go to your niche and put 20 as the minimum gravity. So, the products that will pop up after that are the ones that are being promoted by other affiliates. And also bringing in tons of sales. Then see the average commission per sale. If you see a bunch of products with commissions ranging from $40 to $100, then that niche is certainly very profitable. Also, one thing to keep in mind when checking products is the recurring commissions. The higher the recurring period the money lifetime value you have per sale. So, if a product has a recurring payment of $67 for 12 months with a 50% commission, you are pretty much guaranteed to make $402 per sale you make! And that’s huge.

And now you should have a pretty good idea if the seed keywords you are targeting are profitable or not. You can break your seed keywords even further before jumping on to more in-depth keyword research. But if you follow this guide you will have tons of seed keywords to work with.


Understanding Search Intent

Understanding Search Intent

Search intent is a very important factor that you have to consider when looking for seed keywords. To fully understand search intent, first you have to¬†understand purchase intent. There are essentially four stages of purchase intent –

  • Awareness

The first stage is awareness where the person searching on Google wants to learn about a product or a certain topic. A keyword in this stage would “How to run faster” and this stage is perfect for someone who is trying to build an Adsense site. The reason being in this stage people want to learn or know about something. And if you try to rank affiliate sites to the keywords that fall in this stage you will make very little profit.

  • Interest

Now this is the stage where they are already interested in a product or niche. The keywords that fall in this stage work best with affiliate sites and also Adsense sites.

  • Consideration

In this stage, the visitor has already decided to buy a product but is considering between two products. A keyword in this stage would be “Aweber vs GetResponse”. The keywords that fall into this stage are perfect for affiliate products. All you have to do is make an article describing the two products and sending them to either of the product. You can even have affiliate links to both the products. And this will ensure you make a commission no matter which product your visitor chooses.

  • Conversion

This is the last stage of the buyer intent and it works best with e-commerce sites. You may have the most amazing authority site in the world but you still won’t rank for keywords that fall into this stage. This is because Google wants the person searching to get exactly what they want. So they rank the sites accordingly.


Make sure you figure out which stage your seed keywords are in and make your site targeted to the monetization in that stage. Get this right and you will rank very easily for your keywords and make the maximum profits possible.

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How To Find Super Profitable Seed Keywords

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