How To Create Excellent Content That Ranks!

The content on your site as in the articles are the most important part of your blog. You have may think based on popular belief that SEO is what ranks your articles but in fact, it all starts with your content. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to do to create amazing content that will rank on it owns.

Content is King

Content Is King

This is perhaps one of the most common phrases you will hear when it comes to blogging. Well, it indeed is. Your content not only helps you rank but also creates conversions and gets clicks on your ads. The better the content you publish the lower your bounce rate is going to be. So, as people spend more time on your site, it’s more likely they will take action and make you money.

This is the very reason that nowadays you will see the top ten in Google is dominated by authority sites. The reason being they have hundreds of long pillar articles that Google loves. That’s why smaller niche sites get outranked so easily.

The Art Of Writing Amazing Content That Ranks

Before you start writing articles for your site, you will need your keywords. Hopefully, you have gone through the keyword research guides and have some golden keywords in your hands. Now, you will probably hear that you will hear that you have to optimize your articles for the selected keywords. Yes, you have to but how? This is where a lot of people mess up really bad and end up stuffing their articles with their keywords. The ideal keyword density is 2% and anything above that and your article is already over optimized.

After you have your keywords you will need to research on the topics. And this can be really time consuming. Especially when you are not familiar with the niche. But this is a very important step because you want your content to be engaging and of value to your visitors. So, make sure you do your research before writing content.

Once you have your keywords and have done sufficient research you are ready to create your articles.

Ideal Number Of Words That Your Articles Need

You will generally see that everyone is creating articles around 500 words and yes this used to work great until Google made their recent update. Now, pillar content will outrank smaller articles every time. What exactly is pillar content? Pillar content are articles with words ranging from 1000 to 2500+. These articles not only ensures that you will get fast rankings in Google but also provides great value for your visitors. So, always try to include as much pillar content as possible in your blogs.

Types of Content

This is another very important point that you have to consider before creating your content. The type of content you create will be based on the keywords and monetization method you chose. For example, if your keyword is “best running shoes” and you are monetizing your blog with Amazon, you will want to create review based article. And if you are creating an article for the keyword “How to run faster” and you are monetizing with Adsense you will want to create an article that’s more of a how-to guide. Whenever you are are planning to create new content make sure you decide beforehand what type of article you are going to write.

Why Aren’t People Reading My Content?

Sometimes you will see that people just leave your site and after they come from Google. When you notice this pattern make a list of those articles and cross check with the points I will provide below. It’s not that you writing is bad, it’s just a matter of writing an engaging article. Writing an engaging article is not that hard once you get the hang of it. Follow these tips to make your visitors keep coming back to your blog!

Top Ten Ways To Make Your Blog Engaging With Your Content

Create Engaging Content

  1. Keep the articles above 1000+ words
  2. Make your reader feel like he is talking to you
  3. When using passive voice make sure it’s under 10%
  4. Make sure your articles are easy to understand
  5. Keep subheading under 300 words
  6. Don’t make your paragraphs too long
  7. Keep your sentences under 20 words.
  8. Have as much transition phrases as possible
  9. Connect with your reader
  10. Ask questions wherever possible

If you follow these tips the content on your blog will be very engaging and you Bounce Rate will drop like crazy with is one of the top factors Google considers when ranking any site. If you follow everything I have listed here, you will be able to create amazing articles that not only rank in Google but drive conversions on your site. Creating engaging articles is one of the top ways to create mass conversions.

Writing Your Articles Hands-Free

Creating articles can be very tiresome and time-consuming. To write a quality article of a thousand words can take several hours. And I am sure at times you will just feel lazy or won’t wanna write. Well, let me solve this problem for you. Let me introduce you to Dragon by Nuance which is probably the best software you can have for blogging or writing any sort of content. All you have to do is say what you want to be written and it will write everything down for you. They even offer a free trial so even if you don’t buy it, do try it out as I am sure you will be blown away by how amazing it is.


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How To Create Excellent Content That Ranks!

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