Micro Niche Adsense Blog vs Amazon Affiliate Blog vs Authority Blog – Which One Is The Best?

Micro Niche Adsense blog vs amazon affiliate blog vs Authority blog

When you are just starting out, you are probably wondering which type of blog you should build. I am going to break down the three most popular types of blogs out there. This guide will help you better understand the three and choose the one that you are most comfortable with. Okay so let’s get started.


Micro Niche Adsense Blog

Micro Niche Adsense Blog

What is a micro niche Adsense blog?

It’s basically a small niche site that is monetized using Adsense. These types of sites are very easy to build as almost anyone can do it. The articles in these types of sites just need to provide valuable info. They do not require any special types of articles or plugins as compared to others. As long as you target the right keywords in the right keywords, they can generate a passive income for months to come.

These sites are generally built in small niches so the growth potential is very small. You can’t really target big keywords with these sites as it will be really rank to rank those. Smaller keywords are ideal for micro niche Adsense blogs and you can easily rank them with 3 months.

Advantages of a micro niche Adsense blog –

  1. Easy to make
  2. Requires minimal investment
  3. Ranks fairly quickly for smaller keywords
  4. Easy to maintain
  5. No entry barrier

Disadvantages of a micro niche Adsense blog –

  1. Not scalable
  2. Requires Adsense account
  3. Needs in-depth keyword research
  4. Profit margin is small
  5. Can be outranked by other sites



Even though these sites don’t make as much revenue as authority sites, they are certainly something you should consider having as you can easily create these blogs in no time. You can even outsource all the content for a fairly low price. The best way to make the most out of these types of blogs is to have 10 to 20 of them as the revenue from all the sites add up really quickly.

Amazon Affiliate Blog

What is an Amazon Affiliate Blog?

An Amazon Affiliate blog is a review blog that uses Amazon as the primary source of monetization. These types of sites are fairly easy to make but do require you to do a lot of things really differently. First of all, the content needs to be targeted to Amazon products. It’s a bit complicated then it seems to be. You see you will need to target people with buyer intent, so you will have to research the keywords accordingly. Keywords with words like “reviews, best, top” etc and it can get a bit tedious at times to find these keywords.

The growth potential of these types of sites is also fairly small as you will be going a sub-niche like “toaster” and the site you will make will be completely based on toasters. You will need special articles like buyers guide and also some essential pages as per required by Amazon’s TOS. But you can make up to 8% commission on each sale you make and you would be surprised how easy it to get a sale on Amazon. The reason being Amazon is a brand in itself and people already trust Amazon so your work gets 10x easier.


Advantages of an Amazon Affiliate Blog –

  1. Can be very profitable
  2. Easy to convert visitors
  3. Ranks fairly quickly for smaller keywords
  4. No entry barrier
  5. Easy to maintain

Disadvantages of an Amazon Affiliate Blog –

  1. Requires review articles
  2. Needs keywords with buyer intent
  3. Has to follow Amazon TOS
  4. Requires special themes and plugins
  5. Can be outranked easily



Amazon affiliate sites can be completely hands off once you reach a certain stage. These sites can certainly be very profitable as even a very small niche site can make you $100 a day easily. Even though these types of site do require some extra work, it’s completely worth the effort. Also, Amazon affiliate sites have very high demand, and you can sell your blog for 20x to 30x the monthly revenue it makes.


Authority Blog

Authority Blog

What is an Authority Blog?

An authority blog is a massive site that has an enormous amount of content and targets multiple sources of monetization. This is a must have blog that everyone should have in their arsenal. They can be hugely profitable and have tremendous growth potential. Authority blogs do require a lot of work and investment, but you can make you thousands of dollars of passive income every single month.

With these types of blogs, you can target huge keywords and can easily beat the sites on the first page of Google. As a lot of the articles in these authority blogs tend to be pillar content, they can outrank micro niche sites very easily. The best part about these blogs is that you can monetize your site with almost anything you can think. Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank you name it and you can monetize with it. This opens doors to multiple sources of income. You can also sell these blogs for a very high price ranging from $100k to $200k.


Advantages of an Authority Blog –

  1. Can be massively profitable
  2. Target any keyword you want
  3. Easily outrank competition
  4. Multiple sources of income
  5. Can be turned into a brand

Disadvantages of an Authority Blog –

  • High maintenance cost
  • Requires a lot of time and effort
  • Barrier to entry
  • Requires huge amounts of content
  • Needs daily updates


These types of blogs can be a life changer and I certainly do recommend you have at least one authority blog. As one is all you need to make a killing. They may require a lot of work but it certainly pays off. Once your site reaches a certain stage you will rank for thousands of long tail keywords that will bring in huge amounts of traffic. And with multiple sources of monetization available to you, you will be able to convert this traffic like crazy.


So What Type Of Blog Should You Create?

As you can see all three of these blogs have their ups and downs. What I would recommend it you have all three of them. For amazon affiliate sites and Adsense niche site, create at least 10 to 20 of these in multiple niches and have one big authority site. For the smaller niche sites, you just have to set them up once so it’s more of a set and forget thing and keep growing the authority blog. This will guarantee you a passive income from your blogs.

If you have any questions please do ask in the comment section below!


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