The Money Is In The List?

The Money Is In The List

I am sure you have heard this a thousand times by now. But yet you don’t spend nearly as much time as you should on list building. If you are doing this then this the single biggest mistake you can make. List building is perhaps the most important thing you can focus on when it comes to online marketing.

Everything You need to know about building an email list.

What is an Email List?

An email list a list of people of who are subscribed to you and would like to get regular updates from you. You can think of them as a follower base, just like followers in any other platform. Except these people want your updates directly in their inbox.

Why Should I Build an Email List?

As I mentioned list building is very important to create a sustainable business. Let me put it this way, whenever you create something new like a new blog post or an info product these people want to know about it. Of course, it will depend on why they subscribed to you in the first place.

How To Build an Email list?

First of all, you will need an autoresponder service. I will recommend Aweber. Make sure you read my review on Aweber to understand why you should use Aweber. So once you sign up with an autoresponder service you are ready to build your list. How exactly can you build your email list? There are plenty of ways to start building a list but you have to understand that not all lists are the same. The best email list to have is a buyers list. A buyers list is an email list of people who have bought something from you. You want a list like this because if they bought something already, they are highly like to buy again. But when you are just getting started you won’t be able to get a buyers list but eventually, you want to make sure you do.

You can build your email list in literally all forms of online marketing. Doesn’t matter if it’s making youtube videos or creating a blog, people will subscribe to your list as long as you provide quality content. The best way to build a list is by setting up an opt-in offer. It basically works like this, you give your subscribers something they want in return for their email. It can be a report, a software, graphics literally anything as long as it’s of value.

Building A Relationship With Your Subscribers

Now it doesn’t end at people just signing up to receive your email. It takes a lot more work. So, a bunch of people subscribed to you and the next thing you will wanna do is start promoting offers to them. NEVER do that. It’s the single biggest mistake you can make. They subscribed to you because they like your content, offer etc. Don’t ruin that with offers. You want to build a relationship with these people. Treat them like you would treat your friend. And only give them offers when they say they want something. When you create tons of value for your subscribers they will trust you and whenever they want something they will ask you for it. Even when you have a list of buyers, promote only when you feel like the product you are promoting will have of value to them. Get this wrong and the unsubscribe rate will go through the roof.

That’s why autoresponders are so imporant. You can build an email sequence and your autoresponder is this case Aweber will do the work for you. You just have to set it up once and you are good to go.

Why Should I Have a Buyers List?

The most profitable type of email list is a buyers list. Even if the product you sold to them is worth $1, it still qualifies them as a customer. The thing is not all people on the internet are buyers so even if you have a huge list and you create an amazing product so you think your subscribers will buy, a lot of them probably won’t. But even if you have a very tiny list of buyers and you promote your offer to them, the conversion rate will be crazy. This is very reason you will see so many products being launched at $7. The reason being the person creating the product probably has a massive upsell priced at $47 to $197 on the backend. I will explain more about this in my product launch post. Also, product launching is something you definitely want to get into at some point. So, my point is a list of 100 buyers is worth 100x more than a list of 10000 freebie seekers.

How is the money in the list?

I am sure by now you have a good understanding of how list building works and how profitable it can be. Now let me explain the terminology behind this famous line. No matter what kind of list you have, what matters is you have an email list. A list of people who know and trust you. If you build the right relationship with these people they will always buy what you have to offer as long as it’s relevant and of value to them. Have you seen those huge affiliate marketers? What do you think makes them so huge and successful. Each and every one of those guys have a massive buyers list. When people launch new products, these guys will be the first people product launchers will turn to. Simply because all these guys know how much value their lists have.

No matter what niche you are in make sure you build a list. Yes, to build a good email list will take time but it’s certainly worth the time and effort.

Best Way To Build An Email List

The best way to build an email list by creating a squeeze page and driving paid traffic to it ideally by using Facebook ads. And if you are just getting started I will highly recommend you start with this route. I have had massive success and a huge ROI by using facebook to build my lists.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.


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